Restaurant Ming Dynasty
Restaurant Ming Dynasty is for genuine lovers of Chinese food, one of the best in Barcelona
Restaurant Govinda
Restaurant Govinda: If you are looking for an Oriental restaurant then try this new age, vegetarian Hindu restaurant.
Restaurant Kama
Restaurant Kama has succeeded in fusing an articulately designed, fashion-conscious restaurant with a contemporary Indian cuisine.
Restaurant Yashima
Restaurant Yashima is the most renowned Japanese restaurant in Barcelona.
Restaurant Sikkim
The chef in Sikkim restaurant appears to have been influenced by culinary trends throughout the World, but most noticeably by Oriental cuisine.
Restaurant Cardam?n
Cardamon is located within a beautifully restored 18th century wine cellar.
Restaurant Hello Sushi
The food and menus are healthy, fresh, simple and well-balanced.
Restaurante Sushi Creativo (Sarri
The Japanese gastronomy shows his multiple recipes to offer you a festival of flavours and colours in the restaurant Sushi Creativo.
Restaurant Namaste
Namaste is the first Indian Restaurant in Barcelona.
Restaurant Shinjuku
Shinjuku delights us with a high quality Japanese cuisine
Restaurant Nomo
Nomo offers a suggestive concept of Japonese cuisine in constant evolution.
Restaurante Thai Thai
Restaurante Thai Thai specialises in all kind of flavoursome Thai curries.
Murmuri Restaurant
Murmuri offers one of the best gastronomic examples of Mediterranean-Asian fusion cuisine in Barcelona.
Restaurant Sh?ko
A restaurant with different atmospheres, including a magnificent outdoor terrace on the beachfront.
Restaurante Albarakah
Albarakah is a Libanese and Greek restaurant whose name comes from an Arabic word that means ?blessing?.
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